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Rearranging Molecules on the Fly

MolculesReal estate …in the end, it’s all about movement right? The market is always moving. Buyers and Sellers are always moving. All of us are in some stage of moving always. Coming and going in time. Coming and going in space. As Buckaroo Bonzai used to remind us with his insightful brand of crazy zen wisdom: “Wherever you go…there you are.”

Yep. Ya’ gotta move. Move in. Move out. Move on. Move up. Move Over. Move forward. Move past. And of course, you have to remember to keep things moving right along… (note to self).

It’s the prime directive. One big tidal wash of waxing and waning, transition and transformation. From the first nano-second of the Big Bang to this very moment not an ounce of original energy has died. It just changed. Energy is matter. And energy will always matter. Occasionally each of us grabs hold of little to make a quantum leap into the future. Rearranging our own molecules on the fly while launching into the next orbital path.

I’m moving on as the new logo at the top of Real Estate of Mind suggests. I’m leaving Monterey Bay Properties in Capitola, my home for the last 17 years. Taking up residence just a stone’s throw away (geographically-metaphorically-speaking) at the Sereno Group in Soquel.

Like all change, this one comes with its own complicated, push-pull admixture of thoughts, feelings, memories. I have a sad sense of departure all wrapped up and infused with a profound sense of excitement and anticipation.

I’m going to miss Robert and Sanders and Katy, Iris, Winnie, Bernie, Caren, Kathy, Richard, Barbara, David, Linda, Matt, Steve and everyone else. Yuriko’s beer-butt chicken. Matt’s gummy bears, Amber’s morning “Hey Brezsny, ‘Sup? “

For that matter I still miss Steve and Neal and the gang at my very first and only other brokerage – Karon Properties. I value the years I spent there learning the ropes and honing my chops under Steve Karon’s watchful-eye and earnest friendship.

It’s been a great run. And it’s always tough to leave the comfortable space of all things familiar to venture into unknown territory. So many of us get so routinely lulled into thinking about the past (woulda coulda shoulda) or fantasizing about the future (will be could be should be) that we often get stuck not acting or moving forward mindfully in the present (do be do be doing).

You’d think Realtors would have this moving stuff down pat. You’d think that a Realtor would be so fully versed in his knowledge of change in all its forms, after having helped thousands of people move over the last 23 years while working through the biggest things in their lives – births deaths, marriages, divorces coming of age, aging, health, family, empty nesting –

that this would all be old hat. No biggie. Water off of a duck’s back. Piece o’ cake.

But I guess it goes to show – Realtors are really human beings first and Realtors 2nd. It gives credence to my sorta joking/sorta not-joking assertion that the BRE (used to be DRE – don’t think they named it after me) should require Realtors to buy and sell their own residences every 3 years because it would keep them in better touch with the hopes and fears and dreams their clients go through on a daily basis.

Life experience is a huge tool in a Realtors tool box. A giant plus on their resume. It’s difficult to imagine someone who hasn’t been through a few big changes in their life being able to empathize and pragmatically advise people going through huge changes in theirs. It’s not the kinda thing they teach at Anthony Schools or something you can glean from a continuing-ed webinar.

So now the looking ahead part. What am I looking forward to at the Sereno Group? What’s this new moving experience all about?

It’s about the vision I share with a company that uses the phrase “Redefining Real Estate” boldly next to its name. That unites a group of innovative, like-minded, forward-thinking professionals around a culture of social responsibility, service to community and connection to eachother. That understands doing well as a business flows from doing good as a business.

It’s about being a local in a locally owned and operated company rather than one corporately owned from a distance (like New Jersey). One that focuses on quality of agent rather than quantity of agents. One that “gets” that bigger isn’t always better. Rather, better is always better.

And it’s about all those connections that criss-cross back and forth between here and over the hill. The affinity that those busy surfing the web and the waves of excitement happening in the epicenter of Silicon Valley have with the waves and the beautiful blue waters of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary.

Sand is made of silicon. It only seems natural that so many of those successful entrepreneurs would want to find their way back home to the sand sooner or later. My new Sereno office colleagues in Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Saratoga and Willow Glen are ready to assist.