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Halloween House Haunting: Who You Gonna Call?

halloween_haunted_house_3d_2_640x480It’s Halloween!  Got your costumed, alter-ego-ed, shadow-self ready?  Here, on the reservation, we embrace this night with unbridled passion.  It is a match made in heaven. Or  some other dark place that must not be named. Santa Cruz is the revered home of the Mystery Spot. And Halloween is the ancient tradition of All Souls Day cloaked in modern garb.  Tonight the orbit of the spirit world drifts closest to the supposedly safe and secure boundaries of our more mundane, material one.

And at some point tonight,  you’ll give away all the candy, turn out the lights and say goodbye to the ghosts, goblins and lost entities prowling around outside your door.  You’ll  go to bed assuming everything is snugly tucked into its cubby until next year.

But…once you’ve lifted the veil on another world, is it really as simple as putting the Ouiji Board back in the box?

Ever have a strange feeling when going into a particular room ? Ever feel at odds with your house as though you were having a personal disagreement with it? Does something about your home make you depressed?  Do you have trouble concentrating? Getting things done there? Ever walk into someone else’s house and get the immediate urge to leave?

As a Real Estate Agent, I walk into dozens of strange environments on a regular basis – catching brief  snapshots of people’s lives in the process. During some visits I get what I can only describe as a psychic picture of people, their routines and more… through the tiny camera nestled behind my third eye.

Homes often exude emotions like sadness or anger. There can be a sense of confusion or ambiguity present. Certain places feel cold, sterile, bereft of life force just as others feel warm, joyful, delightfully balanced and life-affirming.

So what is this all about? Is it just about good or bad taste in home decorating? Great staging versus left-over shag carpet and avocado green appliances dragging people kicking and screaming back into the psychic wormhole of the “me” decade? A cat litter box that hasn’t been changed in six months?  Too much rap music being played?  Or way too much potpourri polluting the atmosphere?

Yes it can be those things, but no, it can also be a whole lot more than an eerie doll collection, strange acid-flashback color choices or embarrassing boudoir photos plastered all over the walls.

Prospective buyers pick up on the subtle and not so subtle vibrations and ghostly whispers of unseen presences most homes hold. They may not always recognize exactly what they feel but  they usually sense that  it goes beyond an allergic reaction to Country French decor.

Suspend your disbelief for a moment and consider. Most of us clean our homes everyday We vacuum, organize closets, fold clothes. Put things in order so they are well-balanced. Recycle so things can be used again.

If there really is a dimension of unseen energies overlapping the more tangible world of material things in our homes, why don’t we put down the lemon pledge, forget about the dinner dishes and spend more time cleaning, rearranging and recycling all the accumulated dust balls of “dirty” energy piling up under our noses?  How about a regular day of housecleaning dedicated to putting scattered energies in their proper place, getting rid of  tricky energies someone could easily slip on and recycling tired old energies so they can return in a more helpful form.

We’re not talking dust-buster, the quicker-picker-upper or the amazing Ronco miracle mop here. We’re talking about finding the right approach to your own psychic house cleaning. One that combines a finely-tuned radar, an empathetic nature, strong personal boundaries,  a modicum of common sense, the ability to summon will and intention and of course, ready access to a rolodex of spirit helpers to act as subcontractors in the cleaning/clearing process – each with different skills useful for handling different  kinds of energy shifts and delicate spirit situations.

We are born, live and die in our homes. We experience life’s trials, tribulations and transitions in our homes.  Houses hold our lives. They are also containers for the different, sometimes strange energies that enter our lives. Physics tells us that energy cannot be destroyed, Energy can only move on or change form. Psychics tell us the same thing.

If you are still feeling  a little haunted even after the sugar and adrenalin rush of Halloween wears off tomorrow and you happen to notice some odd energy hanging around in the back of your closet, under the stairs or behind your favorite lazy boy chair… take some sage-advice: Do a little smudging and then put in a call to your favorite local shaman to help you with the house work.