I Love Your Column!

You are my guru when it comes to calling a spade a spade in the real estate world. I look forward to your article every Sat. morning and love the humor, and the screeching truth of it all.

– Brenda

I love your column on Real Estate. I’ve retired, thank god, from this business exactly as you see it about 4 years ago and your take on the business is the only honest one I know of. Keep it up!

– Connie Cunningham

You hit the nail on the head week after week…. does anyone tell you that? I read your article religiously as it’s one of the most refreshingly honest approaches to what we’re going through. Every time, it’s like you’re reading my mind. Thank goodness I’m not alone.

– Jennifer Graham, Realtor

I have read just about every “advertorial” you have written -because I actually gain spiritual insights more than any hope of ever owning a home.

– Barbara

As a homeowner in Santa Cruz, I wish to express my gratitude for your weekly articles in the real estate section of the Saturday Sentinel.

– Karen Poret, Santa Cruz

Your column was brilliant as always. You are really a literary giant, and here we are in this small town with folks like you and Wallace Baine. You are so good at real estate, philosophy, and writing I am in awe.

– Lou Bartfield

I greatly admire your writing I think your column is just exquisite. I love the way you think.

– Barbara Burklo

The Saturday article was the best column you’ve ever written. That was right on the money all the way through

– Bob Pavlovich, Realtor

I am a fan of yours and I have the same feelings that you’ve been having lately. Best described by the old proverb: ” He who rides the tiger dismounts at his own peril.”

– Jim Livingston

You don’t know me from Adam but I’m just calling to let you know how much I absolutely, positively love your column that I read every Saturday. I wish it was in everyday because it’s more fun than Herb Caen, which is what I used to read when I was growing up in San Francisco

– Karen

I just have to tell you that the column you wrote today was rip-roaring funny. I laughed out loud and I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. This was one of the best yet. I know a lot of people aren’t smart enough to get it but that was brilliant, brilliant work.

– Carol Castle, Realtor

I just read your article in Saturday’s paper, Real Estate of Mind and I thought it was so terrific and spot on. I love what you wrote and how you wrote it. I just wanted to commend you on your good work

– Merris Walton

I just have to tell you I cracked up at your Real Estate of Mind this Saturday. It is the best thing I read in the paper and I thought about throughout the day and I knew I had to call you and tell you.

– Dale

You’ve probably gotten hundreds of calls today already, but I loved your article. It was so completely right on. Couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you Tom.

– Patti Boe, Realtor

I just got through reading your column and I praise you for not only your great writing but your openness, your obvious ability to achieve success by being a kind, decent, well-educated, attentive and professional Realtor and human being. Keep writing, please.

– Rhea Guzmann, Realtor

I sure enjoy your column each week, I like to sit down with a cup of coffee and take my time and read it. Nice to have a different point of view and something else besides rates and up or rates are down.

– Sue Bullock, Mortgage Broker

I never read the obscene, horrible real estate section, it just makes me nauseous, But I was curious and I’m glad I read your advertorial, Real Estate of Mind, this weekend. It is great. It is so funny. It would make good dramatic monologue. You mention a sanctuary – isn’t that an oxymoron for most Realtors?

– Ally Smith

Dear Tom,
You are a genius.  I’ve been meaning to write you for years.  Love your straight shooting words, your bright mind & great vocabulary.
Keep them coming.
With admiration,
Lorraine Wallace
Century 21 Award

2 thoughts on “I Love Your Column!

  1. Tom Beckett

    The client who might want to oversee an agent’s ad copy for punctuation or spelling might have a point. After all, being able to describe a property is part of an agent’s job and if the text isn’t professional it reflects poorly on the agent (and, by association, the seller). One small example – from reading sales literature over the years you would be surprised how many agents don’t seem to know the difference between “peek” or “peak” of ocean, a very common descriptive term in Santa Cruz.

  2. Brenda Wood

    Tom: What a great column today on your 60 page inspection report. I think the computer-generated inspection reports are getting way out of hand…to the point of ridiculousness. I just want you to know that I never miss your Saturday columns. Keep on writing! Brenda Wood – Kane-Hall-Palmtag Real Estate


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