Turn-Off, Tune-Out and Drop Back-In



“ There are some searches google just can’t help you with.”

  • Recent message in front of a Sunnyvale church

Continuing the conversation…  is it possible that maybe, just maybe we’ve reached an inflection point where enough people have become disenchanted with the cumulative effects tech is having on their lives?

Someday we may all look back and be able to see that the all-encompassing embrace of the digital age started to wane in 2019.  As more people began to resist the temptation to integrate one more device, one more password, one more set of insidiously-engineered algorithms into their daily routines.  Opting instead to turn off, tune out and drop back-in to life in ways that allowed them to be more present.

One of the things tech likes to brag about is the meaningful opportunity social interaction affords everyone on the planet.  Hyper-connectivity, hyper-local, hyper-personal are all part of that hype. Most Realtors struggle with a daily avalanche of solicitations that encourage them to spend huge amounts of time cultivating their online real estate personas. Without a strong digital presence the message goes,  they won’t have the kind of “social proof” that’s necessary to be successful.

Similar to personal Facebook feeds where people’s carefully curated lives often seem too good to be true,  the current generation of real estate hopefuls is busy crafting shiny new avatars that don’t resemble who they are in the real world. Instead of simply venturing out into their own local communities to connect with people on a more experiential level. Not understanding that deeper connection with fewer actual buyers and sellers will make them far more successful than generating lots of shallower “clicks”.

Everyone has heard the meme: “Getting information from the internet is like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose.”  These days, homebuyers and sellers don’t need more information. They need more context to help them think about all the information they already have. So that the flood of data and details makes more sense when they suddenly find themselves in the heat of the moment.  Specially when the choices they make have such a profound effect on the big life transitions they are going through. The ones that involve the largest assets they’ll ever own.


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