Cognitive Dissonance


Part Two: Dialing It in for Dollars in 2017

  Let’s pick up where we left off. Before I was so horribly sidetracked by an overwhelming urge to put a Real Estate of Mind spin on Santa Cruz’ favorite hometown holiday – Halloween.  Go to if you missed it.

   My previous column ended with a simple observation:  Sellers always want the best outcomes. The most money. The fastest escrows. The longest rent backs. But they aren’t always prepared to do the things that will give their listings the best chance to succeed. If you want top dollar, you have to do everything right.

     Let’s spend a little quality time together exploring the whole notion of doing everything right and giving yourself the best chance to succeed.  No matter what else you say, think or do from this point on, understanding the relationship between what you put in and what you get out of selling your home is what will determine how closely  the results track with the lofty expectations you probably already have.

    This is the crux folks. The thing that’s going to decide your relative success or failure in the near future. When you take the plunge into the great unknown of the marketplace.  If you are already worried about selling your house and the possibility of blowing it… here’s an opportunity to cull out any of those insidious little failure mechanisms hiding in the cluttered recesses of your own inner closets, drawers or basements.

  There’s a special brand of cognitive dissonance that happens in real estate, way more often than it should. Specially when it involves the largest asset most of us will ever own. And specially when it involves all the core comforts that home represents – privacy, security, nurturing – to name a few.

   Wikipedia defines cognitive dissonance as: the mental stress experienced by an individual when they hold two or more contradictory ideas at the same time or when they perform an action that is contradictory to their ideas.

   Like, when a person wants the most money possible when selling their home but doesn’t think they have to do (or isn’t actually willing to do) all the things necessary to make that happen. Cognitive dissonance! It’s stressful!! Don’t fall victim to it!!!

   The real estate market has been a fabulous one for Sellers for most of 2016.  But looking back, I can still see the littered remains of more than a few situations where Sellers were their own worst enemies. Where they shot themselves in the foot by being too greedy or too loose with their timing or too lazy in their preparation or too cheap on their staging or too consumed with their own difficult emotions. Or some or all of the above of course.  

   They were proof positive that it’s always possible to blow it, even when it’s a perfect market to list a house in.  Great outcomes aren’t a matter of luck. Or fate. Or even good karma. Wishing doesn’t manifest higher sales prices. The best results happen when a Seller’s effort is aligned with expectations.

      We don’t quite know yet what kind of market we’ll have in 2017. Sellers Market? Buyers? Or something in between? The jury is still out. But good, bad or so-so market in the coming year, it’s not too early to begin dialing it in and getting yourself and your house ready to address for success.

  The concept seems so simple.  So easy, right?  And yet…

Next week we’ll start drilling down on the details. Making a list of what you can do to own the process of selling the home you own.

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