The World’s Most Interesting Realtor

UnknownHey, here’s a crazy thought… what if the Worlds Most Interesting Man decided to give up the international limelight, stop pounding down the Dos Equis and relocate to Santa Cruz to start a new career as The Most interesting Realtor in the World? We’ve got somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand Realtors in the County (and 367 active single family listings) there’s always room for one more. So, cue the music and roll the video montage. Pick out your favorite new lines or feel free to send in your own.

He’s the Most Interesting Realtor in the World…

1. Other agents have his name on their vanity license plates

2. He gives virtual tours in person

3. He’s so interesting, Brokers pay him an extra split of their split

4. Other Agents put his signs up

5. He makes pocket calls just to get pocket listings

6. His Clients sign a disclosure acknowledging he’s the Most Interesting Realtor in the World

7. He once interviewed for a listing but was disinclined to take it

8. The homes he represents are so interesting, people pay a commission just to walk through

9. He once won a body-building contest just by exercising his options

10. He never negotiates

11. He can make a house go up in value just by appreciating it.

12. He once foreclosed on a bank

13. He once gave the Bureau of Real Estate a test when they wanted to license his name

14. Appraisers ask him to eyeball their measurements

15. He once picked a loan lock

16. Buyers he doesn’t work with suffer from remorse

17. He always maintains right of first refusal

18. When he lists a property half baths become whole again

19. When he lists a property, easements never run with the land, they always walk

20. Even the geodesic domes he represents have square footage

21. Clients can deduct the time he spends with them on their taxes

22. He once accelerated someone’s depreciation just by giving them a ride in his car

23. Acts of God are usually blamed on him

24. Underwriters wait for his approval

25. He once sold a dream house in his sleep

26. When he’s working, mercury is never in retrograde

27. When other Agents their Comparative Analysis’ they compare themselves to him

28. He once went to mime school to look more convincing when going through the motions

29. He uses a tailor for arm’s length transactions

30. Curb appeal instantly goes up when he stands in front of a listing

31. Escrow never closes until he’s good and ready

32. His business card simply says: I’ll call you

33. His termite company once tented a circus

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