Home for the Holidays

HomeHolidaysA Meditation on Home-Ness for The Rebele Family Shelter

Life is endlessly rich and full of irony. Things don’t always turn out exactly as we plan or hope. Sometimes outcomes are the opposite of what we expect. There are twists andturns along the way. Juxtapositions that mysteriously occur.

Never underestimate irony. Embrace it. Irony is one of our greatest teachers. It always reminds us that everything has the seed of something else inside of it.

Given a few chapters in my own history, I could say I’ve looked at home from both sides now and queue up a Joni Mitchell record. But that would be too corny and too simple.

We are all just people on the continuum. Maybe we are and maybe we
aren’t homeless. Maybe we have a roof over our heads right now. Maybe we don’t.

What I can tell you, both from being without a home and then from working as a Realtor and dancing so closely with so many people going through incredible life transitions isthis:

Home isn’t just an either/or thing. Home isn’t just an all-or-nothing thing.
It’s not just home-less issues we are struggling with.

We’ve got lots of “issues” as they say. The entire country is locked in a steel-cage wrestling match with its own demons.  The homeless issue is just one expression sitting at the end of the much larger spectrum of home-ness issues we face.

Home-ness is about learning to appreciate our own unique relationship with heart and home. Even as the culture all around us is busy becoming more discombobulated. More out of touch.  More out of whack with what home really ought to be.

That’s the challenge. The extra assignment of home-work we all need to
keep doing.  If we think of homeless people as somehow being outside the mainstream, existing in some other strange dimension apart from everyone else, then they become the OTHERS. They become less than – HOME LESS THAN the rest of us.

My contention is that there just isn’t that much that separates any of us journeying around the great wheel of life. There’s almost no degree of separation.

Just a bunch of tiny threads. Small choices. Snap decisions. Brief moments in time.  Getting pulled and tugged in different directions while things remain in constant motion and the story keeps turning all around us.

Born in 2005 at the (maybe not uncoincidentally)  of the craziest real estate market the world has ever known,

The Rebele Family Shelter has done its home-work. Tirelessly helping to bring more than 450 families back to home. Helping them find places of re-entry into the world.

But an ironic thing happened on the way to all those families finding their way back. The world itself was spinning out of control.

Between and 2008- 2012 Millions of people were losing their homes in the bursting bubble of the late, great real estate boom. People losing their homes became a national pastime. A
sad truth reflected in the stats on the front page of the paper.

The world has been drifting out of orbit, further and further away from home and heart all this time.

There was leverage and low interest rates. Equity lines and negative amortization. Subprime loans and credit default swaps. People began viewing their homes as cash cows andmilked them for all they were worth. There were ego homes and monster homes and homes that were getting flipped and re-flipped on Reality TV.   Everyone drank the kool-ade.

And ….now…. we’re here on the ultimate flip side of all that flipping. And not
surprisingly…we’re flipped out. We’ve got ghostly subdivisions and sprawling tracts of homes sitting empty in the fields of the Central Valley. And ringing the outskirts of Las Vegas, where the betting capital of the planet lost the bet. We’ve got bailouts and a credit crunch. We’ve got late payments and notices of default. Foreclosures and short sales. Declining values and shrinking nest eggs.

And meanwhile… Rents are rising as fewer and fewer people can afford to be
homeowners. And even more people are living paycheck to paycheck. And more people are struggling to make ends meet – one small disaster away from a much bigger disaster.

Is there anyone that doesn’t know someone who is underwater? Late on their payments? In default? Or in foreclosure? Or in the middle of a short sale?
Or worried about some or all of the above? Anyone?

So there you have it. Home isn’t something that happens while we are busy making other plans. It is right here. Right at the center of everything we do and everything we are.

While all this is happening, someone, somewhere has to stay home and keep the
home-fire burning. The hearth warm. Keep the porch light on. Continue to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for others to follow.

Somebody has to stay in the trenches and keep it all simple. Helppeople with food…shelter….warmth…clothing,…. showers….safety…a place of refuge…
That’s the work of the Shelter. To maintain balance and hold the center in the face of the maelstrom. Hold the center.

So We’re all here in one way or another to pay homage to home. Not to any particular story abouthome…but to all the stories about home.

This is a celebration of some of the beautiful ways that the people of Santa Cruz have found to share home with each other… My past and present have given me a deep appreciation for all the things that home is for people. A deep reverence for its meanings.

The trick is to remain mindful of it all. To be able to hold it all in your heart. The good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. The strange, the touching, the sad and the glorious. All of it. All of it at the same time. Because all of it is what fills our hearts up.

I’m convinced that in order to do this work day in and day out, we each
have to keep reminding ourselves where home resides inside of us. We have to keep going there and renewing that place.This brief meditation was a small metaphor for what the Rebele Family Shelter does every single day. It slows things down so folks have time to think and perhaps even more important, time to feel. Time to breathe . Time to accept and acknowledge the help of others. And time to remember and appreciate those simple things about home that can mean the whole world to someone in need.


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