Before you start…look at the small type on top of this tiny font. Says right there. Advertorial. As in AD-vertorial – that funny (not necessarily funny ha-ha) two-headed beast that’s somehow supposed to combine ADvertising with EDitorializing.

Are AD and ED compatible? Or more like Dual Agency where the same Agent/Broker supposedly represents a buyer and seller fairly and completely impartially? A Solomon-like task. Not for the faint of heart. And not to be repeated too many times – unless one is fond of lawsuits.

Does Advertorial mirror the essential contradiction of real estate? Many of us perceiving this as a service profession – helping people through life transitions – but knowng we don’t get paid unless something sells.

Bottom line? Shouldn’t I be trying harder to sell you something? Ply you with my wares? Get into your head with a brand of hype-gnosis that glorifies me above and beyond all others who must be infinitely less capable of satisfying needs you may not even be aware you have – based on the fact that I’m paying for this space?

Real Estate of Mind. A handful of column inches. A brain map of my design. As all us unruly kids know, inside my head at least, no one is the boss of me. So I don’t have to sell myself if I don’t want to.
Today’s message? Listen with open minds.

If you truly want to sell…. list your property now. Get it on the market. You don’t have to list it with me. Just don’t wait – list it with someone.

Now let’s review all the objections that come rushing back in whenever someone like me tries to push the envelope of ambivalent Sellers:
a) No one buys properties this time of year.
b) My home looks better in the spring… flowers are blooming.
c) There are more buyers in the spring. People move in the summer before the new school year.
d) I’ll get more money when the market is better – next spring.
e) I have holiday plans, dinners to prepare and presents to purchase.

And….what do I say to all of the above? Excuses. Proof positive that the mind is capable of rationalizing everything. Devise clever stories that help people avoid what they have to do at some point in time. Today. Tomorrow. Next spring.

Most Agents have heard the same objections since time immemorial. And most just accept the status quo without questioning it. Even in this brave new world of real estate – where “normal” no longer applies. We sink into the holiday haze. A tryptophan high dulls our senses and fosters an altered real estate of awareness.

I was shaken out of my 4th quarter stupor recently – by a couple of events – reminding me, why prevailing wisdom doesn’t necessarily apply anymore – if it ever did.

I’ve done two different Sentinel Featured Home/Open House Ads (look to the right of this one) – accompanying two different open houses in the last month. You know – November – when no one is looking or buying.

One open house in Corralitos had 150 people through. The other featured open in Bonny Doon had 50 people show. That’s Corralitos and Bonny Doon! That’s a ton of people. Now, I’m not going to say that there weren’t a few lookey-loos or home gossip-hobbyists in the bunch… but the end result? Multiple offers on both properties. All cash. No investors. No bottom feeders. Just regular people. Looking for nice homes. Whaaaaattttt? Flies in the face of reason. November? In a buyers market? How’s that possible?

Next week – I’ll explain why it’s not only possible but actually more probable.


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