If It’s All About the Bread, Then You Are Already Toast

First, this week’s obligatory pre-ramble:

Real Estate – it’s not a job. It’s an adventure.

If you don’t see it that way, odds are you aren’t going to last more than a few months in the trenches. And you certainly won’t make it out of the deep end of an escrow alive.

If you don’t find a way to embrace all the strange, quirky, funny, contradictory things – big and little – that this business tosses into your lap, you’re destined to become one very angry, frustrated and unhappy soul. Convinced that the universe and everyone in it is conspiring to make life more miserable and infinitely more difficult for you.

And if you do happen to be a brand new Realtor and are starting out thinking this is all about the bread…then you are already toast. You just don’t know it yet.

My suggestion? Put a bumper sticker that reads Keep Real Estate Weird, right next to the vanity license plate on your BMW. Thank the mysterious fates that led you to the golden grail of your Realtor lapel pin. Revel in the daily events that allow such intimate access and startling glimpses into the good, bad and ugly of people’s hopes and fears. Approach every bump in the road with beginner’s mind. View each as invitation to explore the inexhaustible repertoire of interesting human tricks that resides in the busy intersection between real life and real estate.

And now, on to this week’s real estate of mind game. It’s a kind of neuroplasticity exercise …called complete the phrase. Keeps your brain from fossilizing into a rigid status quo. Agents, feel free to jump in and add your suggestions. Just e mail them to me and I’ll make sure they see the light of print, somehow, someday.

As a Listing Agent you know you are in trouble when….? (Where to start, so many answers, so few column inches?)

As a Listing Agent I know I’m in trouble when my client scrunches up her face and says: “ We don’t really have to have a for sale sign or a lockbox do we?”

I’m in trouble when my clients says: “Oh, did I forget to mention that old gasoline tank that’s under the driveway, when we filled out those disclosure forms?”

I’m in trouble when my client says: “ You’ll make sure that none of my nosey neighbors comes in during the Open House right?”

I’m in trouble when there are five cats licking their chops every time the door opens and my client says: “Make sure you don’t let any of my cats out. I’ll die if anything happens to one of them.”

I’m in trouble when I notice my client has a blocked number and she doesn’t seem to have any qualms about calling me five times a day.

I’m in trouble when the first emergency call at ten o’clock at night is: “ The flyer box out front is empty!”

I’m in trouble when the list of fixtures that my client wants to remove from the house seems to keep growing.

I’m in trouble when my client starts correcting the punctuation in my full page ads.

I’m in trouble when a full price, all-cash offer comes in the second day and my client’s first response is: “ I knew you priced it too low.”

I’m in trouble when we get our first offer after three months and my client asks: “ Do you think we can put him off for a few weeks while we wait to see what else comes in?”

I’m in trouble when we are already 10 days into escrow before my client happens to mention: “ You know, I’ve been thinking that I’d really like a 90 day rent back. They won’t mind will they?”


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