Got a hard to sell home that’s literally driving you crazy? A million dollar view of the Monterey Bay drowned out by a sea of cars whizzing by on a busy freeway? Noise so loud its impossible to concentrate on all that beauty right in front of your eyes?

Relax. You simply need the right tool for the right job. You need a device that’s been tried and tested by generations of people, young and old, who have fallen in love with the soothing sounds of the ocean over and over again.

We’re talking about the all-natural, 100% effective Shell Phone. No messy batteries. No electrical connection required. Bring Shell Phone to your next open house. Whenever a loudmouth buyer complains about the dull roar of the highway ruining his view – just hold your magic Shell Phone up to his ear and dial in the emotion of the ocean. Guaranteed to transform the cacophony of even the worst rush hour traffic into a mindful meditation on the waves of bliss.

Armed with your trusty Shell Phone, the surf is always up. And your sales volume will be too. We sell seashells by the seashore so that you don’t have to! Remember, life’s a beach and then you buy. So don’t delay. Order now and get a free subliminal sales tape with every purchase.


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