What’s wrong with this picture?

You make an appointment to show a 2,000 square foot house with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.  When you get there, the “motivated” sellers are camped out in front of the TV, watching Wheel of Fortune in the great room, which comprises roughly 800 square feet of the available 2,000.

Either someone isn’t spelling it out or the word “motivated” doesn’t really apply. The conscious and unconscious message being conveyed is the same: “You can buy this on our terms or not at all. Don’t imagine yourself in our house, because we aren’t ready to let go of it. We are holding on for dear life. Our lives not yours.”

That great room. That beautiful space with the open feeling and soaring ceilings is the one spot that is going to sell the home. I can practically guarantee that most buyers are going to spend about 5 minutes in the most important space of the house even if they love Wheel of Fortune too.

If they spend  more time than that in the house, they’ll spend it cramped in the tiny hallways, or jammed out of earshot and eyeshot of the Sellers,  back in the claustrophobic bedrooms or lodged in the unimportant ante-spaces of the home – like the laundry or the mud porch. These are the places that are the least appealing and the most appalling.

Sellers – if you just gotta be there for some reason. Be there in a different space – far away from the one magic spot that is going to initiate the love affair.  Everyone throws off their own invisible force field  – particularly in our culture. We don’t barter in the bizarre nose to nose with the guy selling the goods. We don’t want to confront. We don’t want to offend. We don’t want to stick our noses anywhere where they might be construed as being too assertive – particularly in the middle of someone else’s sacred home space.

If a Buyer can’t imagine their own lives in your home because there is too much of yours assaulting them with an over-powering vibe, they aren’t going to buy the house.

If they don’t have a chance to just stop, sit down and leisurely, comfortably absorb the space that is the most dynamic room in the home, they aren’t going to buy. If you are going to say motivated to someone, let your ego go and say it with your actions – which will speak way louder than any words your Agent plops into the listing.

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