TomGumBubblePOSTWhere’s the bubble when you need it?  It’s right here in front of your mouth!  If you are having trouble adjusting to the new market paradigm bursting onto the scene then do what the big hitters do:  Chew on This!  Spit-shine your attitude and your image with Real Bubble!  Re-inflate your hopes with a little bit of hot air! Pump up your ego with some positive jaw-boning!  Guaranteed to stimulate and simulate the sweet smell of success and banish any lingering bitter after-taste you still might be feeling. If you didn’t blow it then.. You can blow it now!  Everyday in every way!   Each piece comes with five free Realtor cards.  Collect them. Trade them with your friends. Remember to save those valuable rookie cards…they are going to be worth a lot of money someday!

BubbleGumCARDSBLUR copy

Brokers,  you’ll have a ball installing a Real Bubble Machine in your office. Generate extra income from all those walk-in clients looking for their next bubble.  If you’ve been searching for a way to motivate your in-house Agents, here’s the ticket.  A bubble a day keeps the blues away..  Your property posse will soon be chomping at the bit and riding a pure sugar high as they blow up the market once again.



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