Real estate is stranger than fiction. Way stranger. Take a broad swath of people – folks of every size, shape, color, age, education, background, financial status, demographic label – get them interacting with themselves, with each other, with their Agents and the oftentimes confusing overlay of esoteric (as only man can make them) systems that are difficult to decipher – including the marketplace, the economy, mortgage processes, real estate cya-land , insurance, banking ad infinitum ad nauseum and add to this still, the fact that home and money are two of the most highly charged, raw and exposed erogenous zones culturally preordained to stimulate and cause wild swings of emotion in human beings designed to illicit the gamut of good, bad and ugly of human nature and then throw in, for good measure the fact that the majority of people either buy homes or sell homes in close conjunction to some major life transition they are going through by hook or by crook by choice or by fate – i.e. – birth of twins, death, divorce, coming of age, empty nesting, job loss, health issues, marriage, job transfer…and….you have a wonderfully rich, petri dish of an environment, where virtually anything can happen. Just plain old everyday, run of the mill, missionary position real estate is infused and fraught with infinite possibilities that can become strange and stranger-than-strange at a moments notice. All you have to do, to see it, appreciate it, take it all in, marvel at it, thank the cosmos for presenting the lesson of it – is stay awake and pay attention.

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